The Conversation Continues on ESG & Stakeholder Capitalism

Thanks for attending our virtual panel: “Measuring Stakeholder Capitalism.” You can catch the replay on our ESG Resource Page.

We believe the work of the World Economic Forum's International Business Council (IBC) is a critical step, not only towards global standards, but for true adoption of environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles across today's organizations. The board of directors will play a pivotal role in this process, which is why Diligent is committed to continuing this discussion beyond a one-time event. 

Webinar attendees submitted over 130 questions, which we’ve consolidated down to 10 (below). Over the next several weeks, we'll be discussing one question at time, tapping the knowledge of IBC partners, subject matter experts, and all of you.  
  1. How can we communicate the value of ESG and encourage boards to embrace and adopt these metrics?
  2. What is the IBC’s timeline from ideation to full implementation on a global scale? How will they measure maturity and success of the movement?
  3. What do CEOs expect/need from their board on this topic?
  4. Knowing that small- and mid-size companies can’t spend billions to implement, where should they focus first? What percent of operating expense should be allocated to ESG?
  5. Will the legal definition of a corporation and the fiduciary duties of directors need to evolve to encompass a responsibility to stakeholders? How does ESG impact the business judgement rule?
  6. How will ESG be embedded in the overall reporting of companies, annual reports and others?
  7. How do current US challenges with systemic racism fit into the ESG principles? How can we better understand the systems that drive the metrics?
  8. What kind of regulatory action is expected to follow across various countries? How can organizations stay abreast of these developments?
  9. What board committee is the appropriate home for ESG oversight? Do companies feel they have directors who understand ESG and can support?
  10. How will/should these metrics be integrated into executive compensation? What steps are companies already taking?
In addition to sharing insight from the Diligent community and IBC partners,  we’re also looking for input and expertise from across this community. You'll find a link to submit your thoughts to any question(s) in the Event Recap below.


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