Implementing combined assurance

Discover the necessary steps for a successful combined assurance program

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Despite working toward a common goal, the functions and business areas that provide assurance are usually siloed. The combined assurance model solves this by coordinating the activities of audit and other GRC professionals, and streamlining their work and reporting. But a lack of the right tools or support can make putting a combined assurance program into practice challenging.

Building on the foundation of our first white paper, What is combined assurance?, this white paper presents a method for implementing combined assurance—along with some tools and techniques—to help you get started. We’ll also guide you through each phase of the implementation process to ensure success as you:

  • Establish the need for a combined assurance program
  • Envision the solution
  • Plan the solution
  • Implement your combined assurance plan
  • Operationalize your combined assurance program