Creating your business case for GRC technology

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How to remove budget, leadership buy-in, and change management barriers when buying a solution.

When it comes to getting your job done, you have challenges. You know exactly what those challenges are and that only a dedicated software tool will solve them.

Now, you’re faced with a new challenge: convincing your stakeholders to invest in this solution. Like most organizations, your resources (especially budgets) are probably constrained, so building a strong business case for new technology is essential.

This guide will help you develop that business case and persuade the decision-makers. Plus, you’ll get a list of must-have features that a GRC technology provider should be able to deliver.

Learn how to:

  • Identify decision-makers and project sponsors.
  • Demonstrate the business value against your organization’s GRC maturity level.
  • Develop a timeline to implement new technology.