Checklist: Reinventing Security, Risk & Compliance Practices Through COVID-19

Uncertain Times Call For Greater Assurance

The COVID-19 pandemic has introduced us to a new reality and every aspect of business has been impacted. Yet, while COVID-19 will apply great pressure on companies in the months ahead, it also presents a unique opportunity to emerge stronger on the other side.

While there is no map for the road ahead, best practices have started to emerge within the Diligent client community. Our business continuity checklist highlights actions that today’s organisations should consider to come out stronger on the other side.
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Introducing Diligent Compliance

Increasing complexity and volume of regulation is overwhelming and the cost of getting it wrong is high. Diligent Compliance gives you real-time insight into how your compliance programme stacks up against the obligations relevant to your business, industry and the jurisdictions you operate in. Using this data-driven approach gives you the confidence you’ve got the right programmes in place.

  • Leverage best practice frameworks and standards
  • Upload your businesses policies
  • Measure against requirements, identify and address gaps

Highlight and identify gaps in compliance, policies and reporting across the entire organisation

Dashboards and reports save you time by reducing dependency on manual methods of pulling business-critical information around compliance and policies. Gaps are easy to identify and address by generating an improvement plan.

  • Real-time analysis of overall compliance to obligations
  • Convert gaps into corrective and preventative actions easily
  • Streamline audit process and delivery
  • Build improvement plans complete with costs, saving and benefit reporting

Why Diligent is the Modern Governance Market Leader

At Diligent, we aspire to empower board leaders and executives with the technology, insights and processes their organization needs to govern, endure and thrive in the digital age.

  • Modern Governance

    Leader in providing organizations with the right technology, insights and analytics to improve governance and stay ahead of the speed of business.

  • Adoptability & Functionality

    More configurable than any other solution to meet today’s modern governance challenges. Granular permissions and dashboards give different business functions or jurisdictions access to the information they need.

  • Security

    Diligent's products are backed by the world's leading security standards with secure data centers located within your region or country.

Modern Governance:
How Innovative Leaders Stay Ahead

Modern governance is the practice of empowering leaders with technology, insights and processes to fuel good governance that organization require to thrive and endure in today's fast paced world.

  • In a constantly moving business environment, having the right technology infrastructure in the boardroom empowers boards with the necessary framework to meet governance challenges head on
  • With Diligent, organizations can gain a competitive edge to improve governance by having the right information, analytics and insights to spot risks, act on opportunities and turn insights into action