BoardDocs - A Diligent Brand

Your board meetings just got faster, more productive, and more transparent

BoardDocs, a Diligent brand, is the intuitive, easy-to-use paperless meeting management software that enables public school boards to achieve best-in-class governance with a modern approach.

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Modern governance for organizations means digitizing boardroom processes to fuel good governance. In a fast-paced, digital age, having the right tools at your fingertips allows library boards to truly extend beyond the boardroom and make more of an impact for their organization.

BoardDocs and Diligent provide paperless meeting management solutions so that library boards can improve transparency, efficiency and board effectiveness, all with a modern approach to governance. For a limited time, we will be offering special pricing on a new platform for Association members. To take advantage of the special pricing, fill out this form to request a demo today.

"BoardDocs is an amazing solution that helps us create and run the most productive and professional Board meetings. The features are easy to use and executing meetings is seamless."
- Audrey Ansari, Executive Administrative Assistant, Pioneer Library Systems

  • Seamless board member experience
  • Mobile-first design to encourage accessibility and participation
  • Surpassing the concept of accessibility, to focus on inclusivity