Audit: the tipping point is now

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A world of unknown risks

For too long, internal audit has been seen as an afterthought in many organizations. The team is there to ensure that compliance requirements are met, but they rarely have the visibility to make a meaningful difference to the risk management strategy. Often, they aren’t able to collaborate closely enough with other business units to offer real strategic insights that will elevate the organization and mitigate risk.

But with the right approach, audit has the ability to play a far bigger role—and serve as a true strategic partner to the rest of the organization. This eBook showcases best practices for how internal audit can gain visibility within the organization and gain the trust of executive leadership by offering assurance and confidence in their decisions.

You’ll learn:

  • Why the communication gap exists between internal audit and the rest of the organization
  • How auditors have successfully engaged with leadership to build stronger connections and increase visibility within the organization
  • What data-gathering tools and technology solutions internal audit needs to support the right business decisions
  • How internal audit can get a seat at the leadership table
Get access to proven strategies for gaining recognition and building better collaboration with the rest of the business.