Sprinting ahead with agile auditing

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Discover best practices for implementing agile audit in your organization

As organizations race to innovate and disrupt, new regulations emerge, and cybersecurity and privacy threats introduce new risks, internal auditors need to be flexible, adaptive, and fast. Increasingly, auditors are turning to agile methodology to achieve this shift in approach.

Taking an agile approach can help the internal audit function become more strategic, increase efficiencies, and be more effective overall, and has the added benefit of increasing your value as a trusted advisor within the organization. In this eBook, we’ll explore the benefits, challenges, and best ways to implement agile audit.

You’ll also learn:

  • The origins of agile design and how it translates to the internal audit function
  • Why you should consider adopting an agile approach in audit
  • How to overcome common transition challenges
  • 10 steps to get started with agile auditing