Cybersecurity & Geopolitics: Is Your Board Ready?

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Cyber risk has evolved dramatically, and heightened global geopolitical tensions have only elevated that risk. Organizations are increasingly focusing their efforts to fortify themselves against the impact of international events.

As the SEC and other regulatory bodies step up the pressure on boards to quickly respond to and mitigate cyber risk, there is renewed focus on the board’s cyber expertise. Our panel will discuss the role of the board in ensuring the organization understands and effectively addresses cyber risk:

  • How well-positioned are boards to manage and mitigate increasingly complex cyber risks?
  • What best practices could help improve cyber risk communication, particularly between the C-suite and the board?
  • How Can CISOs measure and enhance the “cyber literacy” of the board?
  • How do executives and boards in the U.S. compare globally to their peers in understanding and addressing cyber risk?