Your non-profit board has committed to becoming more diverse, and is working hard to recruit and onboard new candidates who differ from existing board members in terms of their race, ethnicity, gender, expertise and perspectives. But doing this work during this pandemic – while holding in-person meetings increases health risk – adds new complexity to the board development process. Join Dottie Schindlinger, Executive Director of Diligent Institute, to discuss ways to harness digital tools to help you do this critical work.

This session will cover ways to use digital tools as a bridge throughout the board building process, including:

  • Strategies for board member recruitment, interviews, and building trust virtually
  • Tips for handling nominations and elections online
  • Approaches to onboarding and orienting new candidates remotely

Bring your questions and be prepared for a thought-provoking interactive session!

Dottie Schindlinger
Executive Director of Diligent Institute & BoardEffect Co-Founder

Stacey Woodland
Chief Executive Officer, YWCA Tri-County Area

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