Discover how Diligent's Virtual Board Meeting Tools can help your organization! 

Secure and Efficient Virtual Board Meetings

With COVID-19, boards and organizations transitioned quickly to virtual platforms—now how can they make these meetings more efficient and secure? In the Virtual Meeting Toolkit, Diligent shares several virtual meeting best practices including tips for selecting the right technology, ensuring security, and driving engagement.

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Diligent Enables Secure Information Sharing

Diligent gives boards the right tools, analytics and insights
to drive more efficient & effective governance. 

  • Safeguard your organization’s most sensitive information during times of crisis.

  • Reduce dependence on insecure forms of communication, like email and text.

  • Ensure critical video conference links are securely distributed.

Virtual Board Meetings

As nearly all organizations across the globe shift their board meetings, committee meetings and conversations into the virtual sphere, flexible and secure communication tools are more important now than ever before.

  • Embed GoToMeeting, Zoom, and WebEx video call information within the meeting details when building a board book.
  • Receive notifications, access meeting information, and join meetings easily from the Diligent Boards application.
  • Leverage split screen technology to view the meeting materials alongside the video conference.

Secure Communication & Collaboration

To minimize risk exposure from insecure channels like email, Diligent offers teams communication, data sharing and collaboration tools, designed for the most sensitive information sharing.

  • Communicate from any device, limit risk exposure, and signal urgent communication with Diligent Messenger.
  • Centralize critical files in one secure location, and collaborate with multiple contributors using track changes and document protections.
  • Automate meeting prep workflow with status updates and one-click publishing to Diligent Boards, and easily assign follow up actions.

Hear From Diligent Users on Why We're The Best 

With over 120+ reviews on Capterra, Diligent is the market leader in modern governance for boards. Source: 

  • "This solution is perfect. It makes management look good and it is so easy for board members to use. We've been using Diligent Boards for 11 years now, and the directors love it. I have board members from 44-79, and they all find it intuitive and easy to navigate."

    Joe, Chairman & CEO 
  •  "I am on board to a company that uses Diligent for their board meeting papers. Learning the program was a breeze, it is super helpful, intuitive and so quick to collaborate massive groups of documents month by month. What was board reporting before this app?!!! Brilliant."

    -Amy, Executive Assistant to the CEO 
  • "We have converted 8 board to Diligent with a seamless transition. Training is excellent and new products are always offered and existing features are updated. Diligent listens to end users for suggestions and better solutions and incorporates what they can."

    -Irene, Sr. Executive Assistant 

Collaborating Securely During Times of Crisis

The board’s ability to act quickly and communicate securely is often a make-or-break series of events for an organization. Diligent’s award-winning governance technology ecosystem enables leadership teams to stay hyper-focused on the crisis at hand, while collaborating remotely and securely.

Why Diligent is the Modern Governance Market Leader

At Diligent, we aspire to empower board leaders and executives with the technology, insights and processes their organization needs to govern, endure and thrive in the digital age.

  • Modern Governance

    Leader in providing board of directors with the right technology, insights and analytics to improve board governance and stay ahead of the speed of business.

  • Adoptability & Functionality

    A product that is available across every device and operating system that is easy to use, intuitive and is supported by on-site, one to one training sessions to ensure your board is prepared to meet today's modern governance challenges.

  • Security

    Diligent's products are backed by the world's leading security standards with secure data centers located within your region or country.