Mastering Risk with Data-Driven GRC

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Today’s emerging risk landscape in almost every industry is changing. Risk now has the attention of top executives because it can shift quickly and emerge in entirely new forms. As a result, global organizations are acknowledging a need to provide more risk coverage at lower cost (measured in both time and currency), which is driving re-inventions of methodology and technology applications in the risk landscape.

“Data-Driven GRC” represents a consolidation of methodologies, both functional and technological, that dramatically enhance the opportunity to address emerging risk landscapes and, in turn, maximize the reliability of organizational performance.

Download this white paper to uncover the key opportunities in risk and organizational performance management, and learn how to build an integrated, data-driven GRC process that optimizes the value of audit and risk management activities and investments in supporting tools and techniques.

This publication highlights:

  • Technology deficiencies in the Three Lines of Defense
  • A data-driven methodology for GRC related processes
  • 7-step GRC technology checklist
  • A "value delivered" technology maturity model for functional leaders across all lines of defense
  • Fortifying performance management with data-driven GRC