How Boards Build Resilience & The Critical Role of Information Access

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How Boards Build Resilience & The Critical Role of Information Access

Boards face one of the most challenging environments of recent times as they navigate a depressed economic landscape, financial uncertainty, talent shortages and geopolitical conflict. Managing risk and building resilience has taken on new urgency for leaders this year as they act to avert crises.

As the notion of resilience is increasingly embedded within the corporate agenda, the effective application of technology by board members and the governance professionals who support them has become crucial for company stability, risk management and building resilience.

A key element is information flow and how boards equip themselves with the right intel to respond to risk and pivot to opportunity. How do board members ensure they obtain the information they need? How should the company secretary and governance professionals optimise information flows to the board? How can they surface the information and crucial insights the board needs to make good decisions?

Watch this webinar to gain insights about how boards can build resilience, the critical role of governance professionals and how technology is applied in gearing information for the individual roles and requirements of each board member.

Panel speakers will discuss:

  • What we mean by resilience and what it means in practice.
  • Perspectives on the risk environment, new and emerging risks. How does information and intelligence play a part?
  • What intel boards need to build resilience.
  • How technology is being applied by boards and governance professionals to improve company resilience.
  • The role of the company secretary in optimizing board intel and enabling corporate resilience.
  • How boards are identifying opportunities for growth – even in times of crisis.