ESG Risk: At the Heart of Governance

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ESG has become a key area of focus for the boardroom. Climate, a key component of ESG, is now the biggest agenda item for company boards, with governments, regulators, investors and stakeholders all increasing the pressure to act. But the pressure is not only about the environment.

The pandemic raised serious questions about the treatment of employees and communities, there are demands for more movement on diversity, while supply chains and human rights come under ever more scrutiny.

It is clear ESG is no longer just another risk on the register and is now at the heart of corporate governance. The implications for a firm’s reputation and impact on investment can be severe. Boards must have effective oversight of ESG risk.

Join this free webinar from Diligent and Board Agenda where we will explore the board’s role in identifying and managing ESG risk.

The panel will discuss:

  • What we mean when we talk about ESG risk
  • Its importance to boardroom work and corporate policy-making
  • The boardroom skills and knowledge required for directors to handle ESG issues
  • How boards should identify and classify ESG risk
  • Who “owns” ESG risk at board level and within an organisation
  • How boards can get ESG risk management right