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Legal Entity Management and Corporate Secretarial Services

By combining Konexo's corporate secretarial services and Diligent’s market-leading governance software, this new partnership ensures cost efficiencies and insightful management reporting that can help you mitigate risk. Konexo offers support flexibly, in the way that suits you – through on-demand resourcing, advisory engagements, or a complete managed service.

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Diligent Entities Supports Growth and Protects Brand Reputation

Putting the right entity information, analytics, and insights at your team’s fingertips empowers you to improve compliance, make better informed decisions and grow your organisation sustainably.

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Introducing Konexo

With ongoing regulatory and compliance developments, growing personal accountability of directors and broader responsibilities for in-house secretariat teams, companies are under increasing pressure to keep regulators as well as shareholders happy.

Konexo, developed by international law firm Eversheds Sutherland, delivers global alternative legal and compliance services, and can support you with the management of your entities by offering the full spectrum of corporate secretarial services, including:

  • The creation of legal entities in new territories with local jurisdiction expertise - all managed centrally in a consistent way

  • Board and executive governance through governance reviews, attending and minuting meetings and directors’ training and education
  • Managing the ongoing compliance and good standing status of entities across the world

  • Support with executing ad-hoc corporate changes across the group, such as changes to the board and change of financial year ends
  • Centralising corporate data and documents to ensure visibility and be able to surface the right information to the right people at the right time
  • Improve efficiencies by leveraging automation, streamlining workflows and standardising processes
  • Flexible resourcing solutions for in-house secretariat teams

Diligent Entities: A Single Source of Truth

The corporate structure is a constantly evolving picture and it is an enormous task to maintain the integrity of the data and ensure ongoing accuracy. In order to adhere to legal and compliance requirements, organizations need the right tools, analytics and real-time insights to continue to evolve and adapt in a constantly changing global environment.

  • Store your entity data and documents in a secure cloud 
  • Ensure data integrity with data assurance workflows, user permissions and integration with third party platforms for validation

  • Visualize the corporate structure and entity relationships with brand new dynamic structure charts
  • Integrate eSignatures to make the end-to-end signature process more efficient, more secure, more easily auditable and less risky
  • Create persona-specific dashboards so that specific departments or job functions can seamlessly access the information they need
  • Collaborate securely with Konexo and peers through secure file-sharing and storage

Why Diligent?

  • Modern Governance

    Leader in providing organisations with the right technology, insights and analytics to improve governance and stay ahead of the speed of business.

  • Adoptability & Functionality

    A product that is available across every device and operating system that is easy to use, intuitive and is supported by on-site, one to one training sessions to ensure your organization is prepared to meet today's modern governance challenges.

  • Security

    Diligent's products are backed by the world's leading security standards with secure data centers located within your region or country.

Modern Governance:
How Innovative Leaders Stay Ahead

Modern governance is the practice of empowering leaders with technology, insights and processes to fuel good governance that businesses require to thrive and endure in today's fast paced world.

  • Ensure the accuracy of your data with controlled changes and data assurance processes
  • In a constantly moving business environment, having the right technology infrastructure empowers you with the necessary framework to meet governance challenges head on
  • With Diligent, you can gain a competitive edge to improve governance by having the right information, analytics and insights to spot risks, act on opportunities and turn insights into action