The 7 Dangers of Document-Based Auditing

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Understanding the destructive effects of dark data on high-functioning audit organizations

Using word processing documents and spreadsheets is often the go-to solution for capturing and documenting audit procedures, results, and evidence. But, in today's digital landscape, this approach is quickly becoming a dusty—and dangerous—thing of the past.

The problem is when information gets trapped inside electronic documents and spreadsheets, it effectively becomes “dark data”: impossible to search, reference, analyze, export, report on, or access on mobile devices. This is an issue since all of these are required for large audit teams to support insights and decision making.

This white paper, written by Dan Zitting, Galvanize's very own internal auditor turned Chief Executive Officer, explores:

  • The dangers of document-based auditing
  • Some of the benefits that can be realized by using purpose-built software
  • What’s needed for making a successful transition over.