Leadership in Technology: The Impact of Technology on Decision Making

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A new survey and report ‘Leadership, Decision-Making & The Role of Technology: Business Survey 2024, produced by Board Agenda and Diligent which will be published in January, reveals that boards and leadership teams are relying on analytics derived from incomplete or irrelevant data.

The survey also showed that nearly two thirds believe their boards are not up to scratch when it comes to understanding data and AI.

This is a concern. If executives do not have access to relevant, real-time data and analytics, and do not understand it fully when they do have it, their decision-making processes will be impaired and they will be unable to meet their organisation’s multiple governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) challenges.

The board and senior management need the seamless integration of people, process, and data to ensure robustness and trust in decisions but how do they get there?

Join this webinar from Board Agenda and Diligent as we explore the rise of big data, AI and its impact on C-suite decision-making, the questions it raises for boards and GRC professionals, and how risk can be mitigated through improved technology choices and data management.

Panel speakers will discuss:

  1. The impact of data automation and AI on boards and leadership decision-making
  2. How to determine the state of data and leadership decision-making in an organisation.
  3. How boards can manage data better and the role of AI in managing processes?
  4. The key technology challenges organizations need to address to enable GRC decision makers
  5. The key steps to ensure data and AI enhances GRC oversight and decision making.

This webinar will be relevant to board members, GRC leaders and C-suite executives with an interest in the impact of technology on risk and governance frameworks.

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